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Jan-Dec 2020
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An Investigation Into the Airport Capacity Utilization – Evidence From Abuja And Kaduna Airports


Obioma R Nwaogbe ,  Abraham Pius, Husam H. Alharahsheh , Boniface Illa and Ikechukwu A Diugwu. 


This paper examines the Nigeria airports capacityy utilization and its level of service, using Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) and Kaduna International Airport (KIA) as the case stud . From the survey carried out at the NAIA, show that average time for arrival screening is approximately 18.8 mins, for ticket purchase time spent is 2.29 minutes, while for baggage screening time spent is 4 minutes, check-in screening time spent is 5 minutes and 11 minutes for boarding gate screening and an averag of 8 minutes at the Apron gate. The study recommends that there is a need for an introduction of automated and modern scanners to these airports to improve the level of service quality and to reduce the time spent at the various service points.

Keywords: UK, Nigeria, airport, capacity utilization, level of service.

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The Study Abroad Trends in the UK from Developing Countries- The comparison between Vietnamese students and others

Toan Do and Cuong Nguyen


Many aspects impact the decision to select universities in a particular country. Based on the pull factors, Vietnamese students choose to join a given UK university because of political stability, lifestyle, the image of the institution, learning English, cost, quality of courses, the ability to succeed and job prospects. That is why Vietnamese students select highly marketable courses. Contrarily, the push factors for Vietnamese students to select UK universities include reference groups like family and friends, academicians, students, and alumni. The paper also compares these factors to other prospective students from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hungary, and other countries globally.

Keywords: Pull and push factors in marketing, marketing education, international higher education, destination attraction, British university

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The Impact of Transformational Leadership on the Performance of Employees in technology business in the UK- A study on Connexica

Sahidi Bilan


The research paper describes the Impact of transformational leadership on employee performance on the technology industry and it was specifically done on technology-based software company Connexica United Kingdom. From the analysis, it can be seen that motivation, incentives have a great impact on employee performance. If the inspiration is given by the leaders and for giving the inspiration motivation reward, recognition of every employee’s performance can be given then it would be the result of the transformational leadership. The technology company employees just like Connexica they got their inspiration from the learning, process of business, customer or the stakeholder, and the financial basis. When the leaders intervene in the employee’s activities they interfere to increase the team spirit and improve the productivity of the employees.

Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Performance, Motivation, Recognition,Technology.Interpretivism



Employment and Entrepreneurship- Changing Paradigm in the Context of Globalisation

Mr. Venkata Subramanya Gopinath Vedula


The focus of this paper was on entrepreneurship and paid employment. It assesses the dynamics, trends, and patterns of movement from paid internship to entrepreneurship. The global scenario as far as entrepreneurship and employment is concerned is presented. The assessment shows that the employment rate, which is low and affected by the economic situation in the global arena as well as in individual countries, stands as a big factor that affects movement from paid employment to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship presents as one of the most viable options to start or advance careers. Scholars have also been cited affirming that entrepreneurship bears significant benefits to economies around the globe. The recommendation that this paper gives is for governments to invest in entrepreneurship training in the wake of declining paid employment

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Paid Employment, Entrepreneur, Economy, Employment Rate

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The Empirical Study Of The Financial Performance Of Investment Funds And Suitable Investment Strategies- Case Study J. P. Morgan


Angela Cerri and  Azmat Firdous


The entire study is based on the evaluation of the financial performance of investment fund and has as a case study, one of the influential financial companies in the world J. P. Morgan. It will be observed that mutual funds are the most critical investment instruments for investors, and its performance is mainly affected by their characteristics such as net expenses, the number of portfolio managers and their accumulated experience, investment age, and asset size. The highest priority for the investors is to understand the relationship between the performance of the fund and these properties. This research will conclude that since the market can be unpredictable over short periods, investors should acknowledge their risk tolerance for investment risks, and that more risk could generate higher returns but could also lead to more significant losses.  

Keywords: Financial,performance,investment,investors,relationship,benchmarks,strategies,investment risks, diversified portfolio

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Quality Issues In Glamping Tourism From Providers Perspective In The UK

Venera Adamovich and  Vipin Nadda

Glamping is a relatively recent phenomenon in tourism and outdoor hospitality which has considerably developed in the past few years in UK and is projected to continue growing in the future. Respondents are of the opinion that the growth of glamping offerings and demand has led to a need to evaluate service quality. However, so far, not much research has been done to explore provider’s perceptions on quality in Glamping. Based on the study conducted, key attributes in glamping experience were identified along with the development of a few glamping standard schemes in the UK.

Keywords: Glamping, Quality, Providers, Perceptions



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