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Entrepreneurship Management Innovation and Development 

Jul-Dec 2018
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Sustain-modification of Gypsies Culture in Moldova region of Romania

 Romeo Pal and Vipin Nadda 


Ethnic tourism is one of the emerging tourism attractions in Romania which is known for its diverse culture and heritages of thousand years. This paper has tried to evaluate how ethnic tourism development can facilitate the growth of the tourism industry in Romania with focus on Romanian Gypsies. This research has been carried out with the help of positivism philosophy under epistemology belief, deductive approach, descriptive design, quantitative method, close end structured survey strategy and simple random sampling. Data analysis showed that ethnic culture has a positive impact on ethnic tourism development.

Keywords: Tourism, Development, Gypsies, Culture, Romania


  PP 1-34


Motivation of Adopting Mobile Payment Systems for E-Business in China

Ling Yunpend and Arshad Jamal 



The industry of mobile payment in China has developed rapidly within a decade. Specifically, it is reflected in the exponential development of its market size and popularizing rate.This research paper explores the connection between the development of mobile payment in China and the consumer’s motivation, analyse the relationship between the development of China’s mobile payment and people’s intention to adopt. The data source of this paper is obtained through the questionnaire survey. The UTAUT model is used to establish the relationship between the components of the model and the obtained data, and then quantify the degree of motivation of the person, and the final result.

Keywords: Mobile payment, exponential development, market size, consumer’s motivation, people’s intention.

            PP 35-55

Social media marketing via Facebook and YouTube on information search stage in luxury retail industry

 Sumesh Dadwal and Rakan Atalla Alsarhan



This research has focused on investigating the impact that social media marketing via Facebook and YouTube has on information search stage of consumer decision process in luxury retail industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The research has used positivism approach, inductive research approach, and descriptive research design and quantitative research method. Data analysis revealed that the variables like target audience, platform selection, follower engagement and publishing schedule had significant positive impact on information search stage of consumer purchase decision process in luxury retail industry in Riyadh.

Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Target Audience, Platform Selection, Facebook, YouTube, Consumer, Retailer

             PP 56-92

What is wrong with Economic Sanction- to evaluate its moral dimensions

Muhammad Kamran


This study investigates under what circumstances ‘economic sanctions are morally wrong and how economic sanctions impacts on civilian population. Sanctions have become a significant powerful tool of foreign policy since WWI. It is less costly as compared to war or military action and can be effectively utilised in a more flexible and targeted manner. Two case studies of economic sanctions have been discussed in this study: Iran and Myanmar. The researcher finds deleterious effects of economic sanctions in most cases and their usual victims are innocent citizens of the target country.

Keywords: Economic Sanctions, moral dimension of economic sanctions, Myanmar and Iran

PP 93-115


The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth and Development in the UK

Talal Farooq and Sumesh Dadwal



The role of entrepreneurship in economic growth has received minimal attention in research compared to other factors mainly because of the challenges involved in measuring entrepreneurship to make it an appropriate variable.The amassing of factors such as knowledge, human, and physical capital do not comprehensively explain economic advancement. This report sought to assess the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth in the UK by a building a regression model. The analysis established that the rate of unemployment was the most significant variable of the research and it adversely affects the economic growth.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, economic growth, GDP, Employment

  PP 116-146

Investigating Ways to Motivate Zero-Hour Contract Employees to Improve The Retention Rate- A Case Study of the UK Employment Agencies.

Mr Imad Nawaz & Md. Rifad Chowdharay



This study investigates the right motivational factors and retention strategies that UK employment agencies should consider .retaining challenges. The importance of retaining employees has grown higher than ever before. Employees on a zero-hours contract are also part of organisational success and organisation should have policies to retain zero-hours contract employees to reduce recruitment and selection cost and to get valuable benefits of experienced employees knowledge. The research output has significantly demonstrated that motivation factors are important for employee retention. The co-relation between participants demographic information and motivational and factors shows the necessity of understanding employees need before designing motivational policies.   

Keywords: Motivational, Retention, Zero-hours contract, employment agencies.

 PP 133-183


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